Single Sign-On Functionality - Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) and CareConnect

Sandata is pleased to announce secure, centralized, and easy user access management with a new Single Sign-on (SSO) feature between the CareConnect and Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) apps. This new feature enables users to log in to SMC, entering their Sandata credentials just once, and directly access CareConnect creating a seamless and more efficient user experience.


With SSO, caregivers have access to the full CareConnect app capabilities directly from the SMC. With this enhancement, caregivers will quickly and easily accept additional shifts offered to them and use CareConnect to access e-learning training courses through a single application.


When the user is logged in, they will see CareConnect in the menu. When they click on CareConnect, if they have the CareConnect app downloaded, it will take them directly into that app, no additional login required. If the user does not have the CareConnect app downloaded, it will tale them to the app store.





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