Learner Access to the Sandata Learn Learning Management Service (LMS)

In June 2024, Sandata Learn transitioned to a new platform. Both new users and users who had previously taken courses in the Sandata Learn LMS must sign up in the new platform using the steps below. 

If you use Sandata Learn as part of the Ohio Department of Medicaid program, please visit the instructions here: OH ODM Learner Access 

Logging In for the First Time to the New Platform

1. Go to www.sandatalearn.com. On the Log-In screen, select the Sign Up link.

Note: If a learner tries to login and has NOT signed up first, they will be prompted to do so.


2. On the Create an account screen, fill in your name and email address. Create a password and select Sign Up.


3. Complete the Profile Form with your Agency Name, Agency ID number (optional), and your Provider ID number.

4. Click Select a Role and choose from the drop-down menu the role that best matches yours.

Note: Only Agency Admins and Managers should select the first option, Agency Admin/Manager.

5. Select the State in which your agency is based. This may not be the state in which you work.

6. Select Agency EVV, Non-Agency EVV, or Alt EVV Aggregator.

7. Click Submit.

8. You will arrive at the Sandata Learn dashboard. Happy learning!






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