Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV)

This article will help you to:

  • Understand the call process utilizing the client’s telephone or any
    phone associated with the client.
  • Explain the different Call Reference Guides (CRG) available for use.


Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV):

  • TVV is available as an alternate to the mobile (SMC) check-in/check-out
    process. TVV should be utilized in cases where SMC is not available (e.g.,
    the device has not been charged, connectivity issues, because the device
    has not yet been delivered, etc.).
  • When using TVV, caregivers can call-in/call-out from any authorized phone
    number listed in the client record.
  • Agencies are assigned two toll-free numbers for their account.



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Last Updated: May 2021, JLO  Last Reviewed: May 2021, JLO




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