EVV Vendor Solution FAQ - Client

Please note the following information is not Payer specific.


Q: What to do when receive Client not Found on Client Record?

A: Error Message: “Client not Found. Client must be previously received from payer”.

  • Confirm, with the state, that the client Medicaid ID (unique identifier) is valid and active for the specific client.
  • If no, correct the vendor system before resending the client file.
  • If yes, confirm the state has included the value in the member file sent to Sandata.
  • Resend the corrected client record.

A: Error Message: “Client not Found” on the Client Record.

  • Confirm the ClientMedicaidID field is spelled correctly and the value is formatted correctly.


Q: What to do when receive Another client exists error on Client Record?           

Error Message: “Another client exists with the passed unique client identifier”.

A: Clients cannot share unique values.

  • Resend the new client record with unique values.
  • Omit the ClientID field.


Q: What to do when receive Incomplete or invalid error on Client Record?

Error Message: “Client/Payer Segment data is incomplete or invalid”

Error Message: “Authorization data is incomplete or invalid”

A: The ClientPayerInformation segment must contain a valid service combination in the specification/addendum appendices.

  • The service combination includes the PayerID / PayerProgram / ProcedureCode / Modifier(s) if applies.
    • For CalEVV, the JurisdictionID is included in this segment.
  • All services and modifiers are case sensitive and must use capital letters.
  • Confirm data includes correct values.
  • Send corrected file.


Q: What to do when receive Version Number error?      

Error message: “Version number is duplicated or older than current”.

A: The Version Number is derived from the SequenceID. The SequenceID must be a higher value than previously submitted.

  • It is recommended to use the datetime, with seconds, as the SequenceID. This ensures it is a higher value than previous record. (i.e. YYYYMMDDHHMMSS)
  • Resend corrected file.







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