EVV Vendor Solution FAQ - Employee

Please note the following information is not Payer specific.


Q: What to do when receive Duplicate email address error?

Error Message: “Duplicate e-mail address”

A: This email address already exists on a different employee record.

  • Confirm the employee details.
  • If existing record has incorrect EmployeeIdentifier, but the correct email address, send an updated record omitting the email address.
  • Then send a corrected record, with correct EmployeeIdentifier and email address.


Q: What to do when receive Version Number error?      

Error message: “Version number is duplicated or older than current”.

A: The Version Number is derived from the SequenceID. The SequenceID must be a higher value than previously submitted.

  • It is recommended to use the datetime, with seconds, as the SequenceID. This ensures it is a higher value than previous record. (i.e. YYYYMMDDHHMMSS)
  • Resend corrected file.




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