EVV Vendor Solution FAQ – Credentials and UUID

Please note the following information is not Payer specific.


Q: What to do when received an Invalid Credentials error?

When receive one of the following error messages:

“Invalid Credentials”

“Incorrect Credentials: The username/password/account were not correct!”

"(401) Unauthorized"

“Bad Request”

“Bad Unauthorized”

“Request contains the following providers that are not authorized for the given Account & Credentials: [ProviderID]”

“Cannot handle import due to There are provider identifiers that are not associated with an account”

 Any other form of “Cannot handle import”

“ (500) Internal Server Error.”

A: Confirm the credentials were received with the correct Provider ID.

  • Confirm the correct endpoints are being used.
  • Confirm the header includes correct account, qualifier, and fields, according to the specification addendum.
  • Confirm the correct username and password are being used.
  • If issues persist, email Sandata to open a ticket. Please include the request JSON, the endpoint, screenshot of header, and confirm the username and password used match the production credentials pdf received.


Q: What is a UUID and when is it needed?

A: The UUID is the globally unique ID, generated by Sandata, to identify the transaction.

  • When the POST request data is sent to the Sandata API, Sandata will return a transaction ID (UUID) in an ACK (acknowledgement of receipt).
  • The vendor must utilize the UUID to initiate a GET “status” API to check that the processing completed successfully.
  • The GET “status” response is available for 48 hours, after the POST was sent.
  • If any errors were found, they will be defined in the GET “status” response.
    • The vendor/agency must respond to the errors by sending corrected data.
  • A successful GET “status” response will include "messageSummary":"All records updated successfully."
  • Sandata Support will need the UUID, if the vendor needs assistance with resolution.
    • Please provide the complete request and response JSONs for review of reported behavior.


Q: What to do when receive a UUID is Not Ready error?

Error Message: “The result for the input UUID is not ready yet. Please try again”.

A: After the request JSON is posted, and the acknowledgement has been received, the vendor must initiate a GET Status response. When this error is received, the vendor should wait 5 minutes before reattempting.

  • The GET “status” must be retrieved within 48 hours of the POST.
  • If the actual status is not received within 48 hours, the POST must be resent.





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